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Nissan Lease End Information

As your Nissan lease nears its end, we, at our Bowie area Nissan dealership, aim to ensure smooth driving all the way through. Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation will mail you with Nissan lease-end information, but we took the time to lay out your options for you to get a head start on preparations.


On top of updating your daily drive in a model from our award-winning new Nissan inventory, you also get the opportunity to save on your next lease with or purchase with our Owner Loyalty Offers.

Before you can cruise into the sunset behind the wheel of your new Nissan, you will need to return your current lease.

First, you should schedule your complimentary but required vehicle inspection to see if your model shows excess wear and use. Fortunately, this inspection takes approximately 30 minutes, and you can schedule it here at our Bowie area Nissan dealership, your home, or your place of business.

Should we identify excess wear and use, you have the opportunity to repair your vehicle before returning to avoid extra fees.

Then, schedule a return appointment, where you will complete a Federal Odometer/Lease Termination Statement.

With your vehicle returned, you can finally get in the driver's seat of your next Nissan! We invite you to check out our new Nissan specials for exclusive savings.


We won't protest if you want to stick with the Nissan that gave you years of reliable performance. Since you will keep your Nissan, you avoid excess mileage, wear and use charges, and pre-return inspection obligations. To arrange the purchase of your Nissan lease, simply contact us


We understand that not everyone is ready for a new Nissan or to hang on to their lease, so we made a straightforward process to return your Nissan. Follow our lease-return instructions: schedule a free, but mandatory lease inspection, make repairs if necessary, and schedule a return appointment.

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